Posted by: paulacunniffe | 10/01/2010

Media Diary Day 6

Arrived in Dublin airport 4.30am US time. As soon as I was off the plane I turned on my Irish cell. My US one is still buried in the bottom of my bag somewhere (not much different to when I’m in Florida really!) Came home, talked to my family and went to bed for a few hours. Being home is weird, I feel like I shouldn’t be here!!

Got up at 11am US time and had an angry phone conversation with a girl at the car insurance company who won’t give me temporary insurance on my car while I’m here because I’m not 25. Rage. I haven’t been in Dublin with no car since I was 18!! Watched some Irish TV (yay I know what all the channels are!) Saw this really interesting, but sad, news story on Sky News (you might remember I wrote about them in my convergence post). Apparently 4 people have committed suicide using chemicals in the UK in the past two weeks. It is believed that the first pair who committed suicide met online. Scary.

After the news I paused on Criminal Minds for, oh, the whole episode. Some friends called my cell so I updated them on the plans for the weekend. Caught up with my Gainesville roommate on facebook chat to let her know I got home safely.

That’s really where my media consumption ended. I only checked facebook 3/4 times today – usually that figure would be 10/12!

Visited my family; my two close cousins traveled over from England so we caught up. Funnily, one looked at me with big sad eyes and said ‘What are we going to do here with no TV and internet all weekend?!’ (They are staying in my grandmother’s house but no-one lives there so cable TV has been shut off)

Started to write the eulogy that I’ll be saying at my grandmother’s funeral on Monday. Went to visit my boyfriend and then groaned when I had to get a taxi all the way across Dublin back home. Stupid insurance!!



  1. Ouch! I’ll bet that was a big taxi fare, if you had to go crosstown. On the other hand, I’m not surprised that you couldn’t get short-term insurance: Anywhere I’ve been, insurance companies are not known to be kind or nice to customers.

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