Posted by: paulacunniffe | 10/01/2010

Media Diary Day 5

Today’s diary isn’t going to be very interesting because I spent all day travelling. Woke up, checked emails and facebook and texted people at home to let them know what time I’d be arriving in Dublin (it’s a long journey in case you were wondering!). Sent emails tying up any loose ends while I’m away.

My big thing today was radio. I spent the drive to Tampa jealous of my roommate who has fancy XFM radio in her car. Unfortunately I don’t think that had been invented back in 1994 when they manufactured my retro Nissan Altima!!! But regular radio was my savior for the two hour drive to the airport. Until the stations disappeared. That happened a lot. I listened to all music radio, there wasn’t really any talk radio (I was on FM though so that might have been the reason).

Spent all my time between flights on my laptop, trying to get some assignments done so I don’t miss deadlines. Contacted some friends back home on facebook chat. Sent text messages via webtext. In other words trying to distract myself!

I’m posting this Friday morning as I was flying all night and… wait for it. New York’s JFK airport doesn’t have wifi. Seriously. Well unless you want to pay $10 for it! So couldn’t post before I got on the flight. Listened to my iPod for most of the flight. I also played solitaire (card game) on it, which I like to do when I’m on the bus/plane/train to pass the time. Watched Criminal Minds on the little TV stuck in the seat in front of me (can you tell I like crime shows?!) On my first flight (Tampa to NY) they actually had TV channels so I watched Made on MTV and Top Chef: Just Desserts on Bravo. Pastry chefs are so bitchy!

Get ready for a 100% Irish post tomorrow.



  1. Did you ever pay for wi-fi in an airport? VERY few U.S. airports have free wi-fi, so I usually just use my iPhone and the 3G to check e-mail and Twitter when I’m in airports. I fly at least four round-trips a year, so probably I should buy a Boingo (wi-fi) account … but I resent having to pay for wi-fi!

    Sometimes I have paid when I was stuck in an airport for several hours and really needed to get work done online.

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