Posted by: paulacunniffe | 09/29/2010

Media Diary Day 4

Today’s diary will be slightly morbid, but it’s been a rough day so you’ll all excuse me!!

Got up early to go to the gym. Watched MTV and Vh1’s music countdown. Came home and got some bad news – a family bereavement. Cue frantic searching online on various websites to find flights home to Ireland. Used my webtext a lot today and skype to get in touch with people back home. I actually used the call feature on Skype, which lets you call cell phones and land lines.That was really really useful.

Spent the rest of day in a haze. Listened to the radio, searched online for the best deals for new car tires (needed to have the car in tip top shape for the drive to the airport tomorrow). Chatted with my cousin in England (again) on facebook chat for 30 minutes. Interestingly, I used my facebook status update to tell my friends back home that I’ll be coming home tomorrow. I don’t like using facebook for personal stuff like that but I thought it’d be more awkward if they saw me in Dublin and freaked out: ‘I thought you were living in Florida?!?!’

My two phones were in overdrive today (Irish and US!). I often feel like a pimp walking around with two cell phones. Even one of the professors remarked on it: ‘2 phones?!’ I use my (cheap) US cell for friends here and Irish cell for family and friends the other side of the pond. I walked around wielding two phones all day today!

My Netflix movie arrived in the mail so my roommates (who you will meet in this week’s blog post!!) and I are watching it now before I pack to go home to Ireland.

The rest of my posts will be written from Ireland so if nothing else you’ll all get an interesting twist on my media consumption in Ireland!

See you next week.



  1. I think the ability to broadcast information to your friends and family via a Facebook status update can be a godsend! But I was reminded of something that I saw recently on Facebook: A woman I barely know, who teaches journalism at another university, posted that her young daughter had died. I felt very sad to read it, but on the other hand, I felt uncomfortable because I didn’t even know this woman had a daughter.

    I don’t mean to say she should not have posted it — lots of her friends posted very moving and sympathetic messages on her wall. However, it made me think again about the weird mix of private and public we have in many of these spaces online.

    Good luck and best wishes to you during this sad time in your life.

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