Posted by: paulacunniffe | 09/28/2010

Media Diary Day 3

Before I start to discuss my media consumption today, let me briefly describe the consumption of others (or you could say my consumption of other’s media). Was woken up this morning at 6am by a girl standing outside the window of my apartment crying on the phone. I’m on the third floor by the way. Why she felt the need to make others cry (having been rudely awakened) is beyond me.  Fast forward to this afternoon in Weimer library. Who told people it’s acceptable to take calls (and not brief ‘I’m in the library’ whispers) while in the library? Did I miss that memo?

So, I can safely say I do not use my phone to wake up sleeping residents or to annoy other people who are trying to study.

Because of the aforementioned wake up call I was very tired this morning. So first thing I opened up AOL Radio on Fresh 40 (I know it’s chart rubbish but I needed to pep up!) Hauled my laptop to campus on my scooter (I need to invest in a backpack) and went to class. Oh. Checked facebook and emails before class too.

Spent an hour on facebook chat talking to my cousin in England. She shared links with me of some cool slippers she wanted to buy a friend for her birthday. Printed off my readings for next week’s classes and headed to the library. I print out all my readings because I just can’t take in a 20-page article from a computer screen. I promise to recycle the paper!

Stayed in the library till dinnertime. Relaxed for a couple of hours watching Law and Order on various channels. I’m still so overwhelmed by the number of TV channels here. Plus there are so many more commercials than I’m used to. I flip around channels during the commercials and then have no idea what I was watching. Happens me ALL the time. I also only know about 10 of my 60 channels. No idea about the other 50.

Browsed clothing stores on the internet while watching TV, looking for something to send home to my best friend for her birthday next week.

Listened to a mixture of Kiss 105.3 and Rock 104 on my way to and from Butler’s Plaza. Back to the computer then for more reading/assignment work.  There will be probably be more Law and Order on later so I’ll watch a bit of that and Chelsea Lately before bed. If I remember what channel it’s on…



  1. Oh, I love the shared online shopping (for slippers) detail!

    Too many channels (and nothing on any of them, really): Don’t you have satellite TV in Ireland? Doesn’t that have zillions of channels?

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