Posted by: paulacunniffe | 09/27/2010

Media Diary Day 2

Nothing will make you realize your dependency on computers like a power cut. It may have only lasted for 25/30 minutes, but you could tell people were panicked. What do we do without computers, write stuff by hand?! I kept thinking, why didn’t I charge my laptop before I left home this morning! Normality was restored before my battery died so crisis averted.

Woke up this morning and went through my usual routine. Turn laptop on. Firefox. Open my favorite tabs – Facebook, gmail, UF email. I was feeling adventurous this morning so looked at to see what was going on my side of the world. Watched an embarrassing youtube video where Jay Leno called the Irish Prime Minister a ‘drunken moron’… may sound like I’m taking it out of context but check out the video.

Once the power came back on I spent a couple of hours in the Weimer library reading journal articles for a class assignment. I’ve realized I spend an inordinate amount of time reading since starting my Master’s. If I’m not reading I feel like I should be.

Yesterday I mentioned I keep in touch with my friends at home through my Irish cell. Today let me tell you about how I manage to do this for free. Webtext. My cell phone network in Ireland gives me 600 free text messages a month, which I send via the internet. 600 may seem like a lot, but I’ve sent 400 in the last two and a half weeks. I better watch out not to reach my limit before the renewal date! Spent a good chunk of the day texting back and forth with my boyfriend, while reading/hiding in the library till the rain subsided.

Watched some Law and Order on USA. Haven’t watched as much TV the last couple of days as I usually do. I’m guessing this is because I have an imminent assignment deadline so I avoid sitting down on the couch or I’ll get sucked into watching the TV. My roommate and I did eat dinner in front of the TV today though. Not the classiest way to eat dinner, but it worked for us!

Spent this evening, shockingly, reading more articles for my assignment. I’m contemplating a trip to the gym…but that does involve a lot of effort. Plus, I’ve just remembered that a British comedy show I love called The Inbetweeners was on in Ireland/UK tonight… so fingers crossed I should be able to get it online. Forget the gym, The Inbetweeners wins!



  1. What WAS that Jay Leno bit? (Does anyone watch Jay Leno anymore?)

    “I’ve realized I spend an inordinate amount of time reading since starting my Master’s.” Uh huh. That’s normal! 😀

    Those articles you’re reading — all PDFs, I would assume? You know we used to have to find the nasty journals, the bound copies. At Bobst Library at NYU, these were stored in the basement, which was actually about two floors underground. The bound volumes were unwieldy, so I made a LOT of photocopies while I was a master’s student.

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