Posted by: paulacunniffe | 08/26/2010

Far Away Hills Are Greener?

I’m Paula Cunniffe and I’m from Dublin, the capital city of Ireland. Yes it’s green, yes the Guinness is better, and no the movie Leap Year is not a correct depiction of Ireland. (Cue my rant on how awful that movie is!)

I’m a first year Master student in the Telecommunications track. I have a BA in Journalism and Gaelic. I am a fluent Gaelic speaker which is either really cool or really useless depending on who you talk to.

My background in media so far has been mainly in documentaries. I’ve produced my own radio documentaries and worked as an assistant producer on TV and radio documentaries in a production company in Dublin. I also worked as a news reporter for a local radio station and for our national broadcaster RTE (our equivalent of the BBC). Click here if you’d like to see some of the work I was involved in at the production company.

I did some online work at the production company – mainly in audio/video podcasts and social media. I’m interested in learning more about the power of new media and the changes that have occurred following the shift online.

Feel free to come chat to me about…anything really (except Leap Year!)



  1. I have to ask … Why is your blog photo of Amsterdam, not Dublin? 🙂

    I was on an overland tent camping trip with 19 other people this summer, and two of them were from Cork, Ireland. (We had people from Canada, England, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and Australia too.) One night everyone started telling the two Irish how much we love their accent — to my surprise, even an English guy said it! Do you ever get tired of people saying they love your accent?

  2. Quite simply because I don’t have a cool photo of Dublin! You never think of taking photos of your hometown, but as a tourist you can’t get enough of them! I think I’ll change it every few weeks though, this was the first one I found.

    I get more tired of people trying to do the Irish accent than people saying they like the accent. Although the lady in the bank kept me for an hour the other week, and she only spent 15 minutes with everyone else. Just because she loved listening to me talk!

  3. Oh, the bank lady incident sounds like there’s a downside to having such a nice accent …

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